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Jamal Richardson

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July 31, 2006

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I like writing, readng, music, being stupid, and long walks on the beach.


J-pop, Rock, jazz


The Lion king, Fat Albert, Adam Sandler movies, anime movies, Cowboy Bebop,



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Requiem of the heart

Do Re Me,the notes of his song whent A happy tune without heart felt intent The boy sung for fear of losing the tune The notes of which were as the moon For he could no longer see the sphere This boy had lost all he fellt dear The love he felt never intended Torn from his heart,to which would never be mended Do Re Me, the notes he will use To silence the requeim,his hearts true muse
February 09, 2006
Rachel Chase said

all hail king of Nubia! ^^ lol
February 10, 2006
Rachael Robertson said

haha on raye's remark... what was with the question mark on your remark on my phusebox.... wow confusing... why are you not at school today?... hmm... heard you got body slammed last night... by...?
February 17, 2006
Rachael Robertson said

WOW juss now read that.
February 17, 2006
Elizabeth said

February 23, 2006
beth cooper said

HEY, wow, i havnt seen you in FOREVER!!!!!
April 07, 2006
Chelsea Forstel said

is that from a Zelda game? it sounds familiar.... * I LOVE ZELDA GAMES!!!!!!!* <3 -Chelsea

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