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May 16, 2007

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Driving in the snow early this morning was fun as crap in the truck. But walking across the MTSU campus for the competition events I was in today was not fun, even though it was all really pretty. I really want to go and snow ski this! Not Fair that Matt did ski it when he took this picture. But I know I will one day though.

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Well.. my weekend was alright. I didnt really do too much. Everyone seems to be busy with stuff though. So I didnt get to do a few things that I wanted to do. Hopefully this next week will be better.

Saturday pretty much wacthed the snow. And did a little cruisin' around the 'boro. Today was good at church and then did a little work for my cousin to get more money out of him for me to add to the good ole checking account. But putting gas in my car and the truck killed me too though.

Got some good time in for working out this weekend too. Still gotta figure a way out to run the neighborhood and not kill my throat in the cold though. Oh and as I've been doing good on the workout and getting weight down... The dang Girl Scout cookies come in. Well there goes all I've done on the fitness test. Oh Well. It'll come back.

Hope this week goes good. Got Ball games going on and half day friday. Then Sam and I flyin the plane at MTSU Saturday for the competition, which we have only gotten about 1/5th of the way through even building the thing. So gotta get that done after school everyday. Should be a good week hopefully.

Im out!  See ya!


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So Im sitting around the house yesterday and my neighbor calls and tells me to meet her outside. So i go out and she gives me this dessert she made for us and also hands me money for taking care of her house again while she was gone to germany. I got back in and saw she handed me $40.

 Since the bank was closed, i went ahead and put it up. As I opened my dresser i saw a few dollars laying there. Looked through it and noticed i had $120 i never knew i had.. Sweet!! Thats goin' in the bank definetly.

Anyways I'm still lookin around for the Nissan Titan my parents are going to let me buy after school is over this year. So finding that money makes me happy and helps just a little. And goin to do more work for my cousin tomorrow.. he paid me $40 last time for just barely putting in 3 hours of just moving stuff. That and I got my call today about more paper work on the Nissan job this summer.. $12 an hour with 40 hours a thats going to be awesome!!

Anyways Im going to go check up on the Air Force scholarship stuff now.

See ya!

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Ok so finally I ended up getting this thing.

Anyways. I just got back from Chicago last night. It was fun and all. Got to play about a 35 person game of Ultimate Frisbee. That was awesome! Northern people know how to have a school too. They had 4 different gyms.. and 27 inch tv's like every 15 feet down the halls and were all on different regular tv channels. and the thing that amazed us all was they had a glass enclosed Fitness room with everything you could thing of, plus it was all so new, not a single thing wasn't electronic. I mean this room was literally about 5 times the size of something MTSU would have. It was amazing. OH AND IT SNOWED!! haha We looked like idiots playing in it compared to the people who lived there and didn't care.

Oh well. im going to go get ready to go run around. let me know if anyone wants to go hang out anytime!

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