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April 27, 2007

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yeahhh so.

i never really get on here anymore.

its honestly...kinda lame

i myspace more so you can catch me on there.

sooooolong phusebox...

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i hate being grounded.

i cant do anything but just lie there on my bed.


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so um....yeah. im a dufous.

so sunday night at around 9 or so....i was taking pulling my cell phone charger out of my bag. Well the part that plugs in to the cell phone got hung so what do i do....i jerk it. and what does it do....comes back and pops me right in the eye. i had to go to the ER and everything. They told me that the metel part on the end on the cord made a severe abarsion to my right cornea. which means that i cut my eye ball really really bad. So they hooked me up with some eye drops and lortabs and sent me home.

before there was drugs.....

after there was drugs.mmm.

so do me a HUGE favor and never jerk a power cord.

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having the worst time getting over him.

it wasn't a really long relationship.


he still kissed her......

and i have no closure from it.

he chose her over me.

even though....she was the other girl.

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a thought....

so i was taking my last, final midterm yeasterday and when i got done with it, i turned it over. When i did that i saw a cute little drawing that had the words "Merry X-Mas". They had plenty of room to write "Merry Christmas" i mean it was a whole sheet of paper. then it occured to me on how many people leave out "Christ" in Christmas and focuses on the "X"...meaning the presents and the worldly things. Yeah! the gifts are great! but some forget the greatest gift of all....Christ dying on the cross for our sins. THAT. is the most important to me. so remember...its CHRISTMAS not "X"-mas.

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