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January 28, 2008

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Swimming, Computer, Travel, film, TV, girls, reading, dancing, daydreaming,


Pop, Micheal Jackson moonwalk, Rap( a little bit ), Country Music, Molihua, Chinese folk Music, Beijing Oprea


Stanley Kubrick film, Francis Ford Cobra film, Schindler's list, Lilo and Stich, Alien1, Alien2, Alien3, Alien4, Congfu Movie


The Catcher in The Rye, Call of the Wild,
Some books in Chinese Version that I don't know how to translate into English.

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The PPT homework lasts about 1 hour. It's painstaking but I feel satisfied with my work. I 'll show it in class. She is brilliant to hand such creative stuff to us but she is too self-impotant sometimes.

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heart beat

I feel I fall in love with a girl, it never happened. It haunts me, I thought I will never get into relationship with any girls till I am old enough to be a grandpa. But sometime things seldom go that way, I mean my way.

Anyway, I'll go alone with the nature.

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Sometimes I think everyone's turning agaist me, I really got pissed off. What if I kill everybody? What if I am spiderman? What if I ceased to be?

There are two choices if you got depressed. Stay up late to rethink your life or go to bed early to forget every goddam thing.

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I miss the day when I was packing...Pack, Unpack, Settle down~~ But I'm stagnant for a while. I'll explode if still nothing happen.

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daily routine

have a little quits today, I did it well. No record yet, but I guess A or A plus.

Friends visit and gone, I felt like a moving corpse. Tomorrow is a new day! But I 'lll be a vampire once again, tonight.

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