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March 09, 2007

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Video games, Marissa, waffle-making, quesadilla-making, DDR, and more.


Techno, video game music, random alternative rock, remixes of video game music, random hardcore rock.


Star Wars, Matrix, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ghostbusters, What Dreams May Come, Saved!, Sin City, many more I can't think of.


Harry Potter, Faharenheit 451, Yvain: The Knight of the Lion, Life of Charlemagne.

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*gasp* Could it be?

Why, yes, it is so!  Chris Davis has finally realized two months too late that nearly everyone he knew abandoned Xanga for Phusebox, and as such, joined on here!  Oh nos!

Err, anyway, I have yet to get the profile pic business done, mainly \'cause I figure it\'s about time to get a different picture of me than one with me in the tux looking confused as heck, so I\'ll just wait \'til I can borrow my sister\'s camera or something.

So, yeah, I\'ll be nice and posting doubly-so, both on here and Xanga, I mean.

With that said, here\'s the main post for today...  (I apologize for the lame copy-and-paste stuff, but I imagine you\'ll live.)

\"Yeah, I take a quick look at Clint\'s Xanga that says that he feels he should be updating it more often...a post from two months ago.  I chuckle to myself, then realize...damn, I haven\'t updated in about a month.

So I\'m updating my Xanga.  For once.

Life\'s been rather...odd lately.  Or, more rather, I\'ve been rather odd lately.  Odd feeling, perhaps, but overall odd.

Why is that?  Well, I suppose I could be honest.  I fear I have fallen victim to some form of depression, much more than I feared in the past.  And because of this, I may perhaps be falling into the clutches of ADHD.  w00t and stuff.

\'Cause, honestly, I almost feel worse in certain ways this semester than I did a year ago.  Why is that, I couldn\'t tell you.  I honestly don\'t know.  I suppose at least then I had something to \"blame\" it on, y\'know, the whole lack-of-Marissa thing.  But, even with Marissa here, it hasn\'t really helped...  And I figure that if everything appears to be going my way on the surface and I still feel horridly down, then something\'s wrong.

But who knows...  I sure as heck wish I knew what in the world\'s wrong with me.

...Something\'s gone from me that seemed to be with me in the past.

...I kinda wish I could just disappear from the \"world\" for a week or two to spend all to myself to attempt to think about things/relax/get away from computer science stuff.

Oh, yeah, random tidbit.  I\'ve come to the conclusion that the Chemistry department likes me much more than the Computer Science department here at MTSU.  Awhile back, there were invitations sent out to most of the computer science majors to be a part of the student advisory board for the department.  All but two or three of my class got them; I didn\'t.  On the other hand, I was one of three to be invited to partake in being a General Chemistry Student Lab Instructor out of my honors Chemistry class.  Maybe it\'s a sign I should just get out of Computer Science while I can, since it\'s the department that really doesn\'t like me much...  I could switch into Chemistry...  And learn how to make stuff from nothing, y\'know, MacGayver-style.  I could see it now...  \"Behold, as I take this rubberband, toothpick, and cow spit and create the world\'s smallest cold fusion reactor!\"

...Okay, maybe not quite like that.  But I may be able to find a better fuel.  Or something.

...All I know is that computer science is becoming a little tiring.  It\'s just becoming boring for me.  I just want to know the syntax for everything and what it does and just go with it.  I can figure out how to put together lines of code on my own time...  So, yeah, I could end up switchin\' majors altogether...

...I could even end up switching schools altogether and go for a Japanese major.  Don\'t expect it to happen, though, since my parents are really likin\' this whole spend-about-$1000-a-semester business and going elsewhere, just in living costs alone, is over $1000 a semester.

Anyways, I guess I\'ll let you all move on with your lives.  It was a jolly good time seein\' Graham, Amy, and Anna today.  Catch you all later.\"

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