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I Can Only Imagine

February 02 2006

If God created so much beautiful things on earth, just imagine how beautiful God is.  If He placed the solar system at the center of the universe, just imagine where He places himself in you.  If my God created blue skies to complement the sun, just imagine what God does to complement you.  If an artist paints a canvas of his heart, just imagine what color God painted you.  We are one color.  The color of His Blood. 

An artist always loves his creation.  An artist never makes mistakes in his paintings.  An artist pours out his heart into his creations.  An artist creates perfect master pieces.  In the artist's eyes you'll see passion.  Passionate of his work.  If an artist can create perfect master pieces, just imagine how perfect God's master pieces are.  If God is the artist, and we're his canvases, just imagine the time, desire, love and patience He poured out onto us to create a portrait of His heart.  Imagine.....  We are HIS!!

Hawaii Boys

February 03 2006
solid.... holla at me wen can -jeff