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Heart Broken

January 30 2006

tears ran down my face as if it was hurrying to drop into my hands.  instead it fell onto the floor creating puddles of wet spots.  i opened my eyes as more tears fell and stared at the puddles noticing how each drop created it's own wet spot.  i draped my hands over it and wiped it knowing that each tear represent gaps in my heart that no one can fill, touch, or complete even the one that has help create it.  my eyes soon became heavy.  heaviness from crying.  my feelings were soon exposed.  my intentions were soon exposed.  exposed in the open where the light revealed the brokeness of my heart.  my heart broke into two leaving me with an overwhelment of uncontrollable relief of tears.  it was no use in trying to stop myself from the healing power of God.  The sound of God's voice, filled, touched, the areas that needed to be filled.  He stands in the gap that i once held tightly in my hands but watching it fall through my arms, knowing that sooner or later it would manifest itself physically.  Like my catching my tears as it would seep through my fingers, knowing that i can't hold onto them.  i'm on my knees weeping before the Lord.  during these times is when i feel most vulnerable.