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Critical Mass

January 27 2006

DANG!!  okay hodge and jeff, i'll be nice not because you said but because i repented and God said i had to be nice.  haha.

Anyways,  last nite was very interesting.  My friend tezrah and i attended critical mass.  it wasn't my average type of service...  well actually worship.  in the beginning of worship it was a little rough to get into the spirit with only maybe 2 peeps in the audience, about 50 billion peeps as choir and about 4 million doing sound and power point.  okay so maybe i'm exaggerating..,  but seriously.  this was a time to really have God up in worhsip.  so i started to pray in tongues and let God move.  within 10 minutes of worship, God came down and annointed me.  He decided to speak to me about how to be patient with him.  He said to gain supernatural patience i need to worship in times that i don't feel like it and surrendering.  as he explained each step He then said, in order for supernatural patience to set in, i need to surrender my whole self and worship God for who he is.  It all links together.  Man, i felt Jesus' presence during the whole time of service.  it was so awesome.  God is so abundant, i mean who can resis such an ALMIGHTY GOD...  who in facts loves each and everyone on this earth.  Like it was said during service, " God doesn't need us, but he DESIRES us."  now that's something to ponder about.

Hawaii Boys

January 27 2006
yeah, I was kinda takin aback with the size last night as well, but isn't it really cool that we serve a God who isn't bothered by size like we are? Neway.... the only way we can get more peeps in there is for ya'll to bring 'em in. I mean, Hodge and my "haliness" can only attract so many people but neway..... much love, -Jeff