what a night...

June 05 2006

hey ya'll thanks so much for all the comments! your the best! well i hope everyones summer is going GREAT!!!!

well friday night me and ben along with my youth group went to a Nashville Sounds game and pretty sure we had an awesome time! that night im willing to say ranked up there with formal.. just all around AMAZING! it was just one of those night that you wont ever forget and i loved it..IT! lol


10. the ride up to nashville..u looking out the window/making me look out the window!

9. showing up all those girls on the bus with our personalized ring tone.. "whos kirsten!?"

8. "AHH the kid with the rat tail took my fly ball!!"

7. "go get a balloon!" (two seconds and a balloon later..) "what a loser, why do you have a balloon!?"

6. calling out random names in a crowd of people to see who would turn around.."im sure one of those girls names is Ashley, LETS TRY!"

5. that delicious looking hot dog.. mmm! "you can have this one".. are u sure "YES DEFIANTLY!!"

4. "look at that guys belly button!" "what, where, OHH MY GOSH!"

3. "are you getting that feeling in your stomach?!"



0. wow.. all our talks...(that kind of ties into number 1!) lol!

-1. the FIRE-works!!"OH YEAH!!"


-3. the bus ride back home...OH YEAH!!

(sorry i just couldnt keep it under ten!!)

this is the sounds field, it was the Sounds VS. the Iowa Cubs and pretty sure Sounds won 6-5 and it went into extra innings (oh yeah!)


me and ben! ahhh THE BEST!

well these are called FIREWORKS and i just love them! they were so awesome! whew.. yes just amazing! lol

well yeah so i pretty much had an awesome time! have a FANTASTIC week! i love u guys!


meredith taylor

June 05 2006
looks like yall had a blast! i get to go to a sounds game with my cousin and grandparents. it makes me more excited to go!!! luv u girl!

Candi Ramsey

June 05 2006
sounds liek fun. last time our youth group went to a sounds game, the fireworks went crazy and people had to go to the emergancy room (pretty sure i misspelled that)

Garrett Haynes

June 05 2006
haha yeah that stuff pretty much sounds like ben to me. The name game where u call out a random name and see if sombody turns around is sooo much fun lol. We did it at the student life converence and called this guy "jake" or something and we didn't know his name lol. Good times. ~Garrett

kaitlin gay

June 05 2006
ahh! yall are too cute =) so glad you had a good time.. i love you girl!


June 05 2006
aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww, u couldnt be any better to me. u are the best. lol, im ganna tell u that in person, but ill still tell u it over the internet. wow, wasnt that a great night though. i loved every second of it, even when i was getting my foul ball stolen by a little kid, because we were in a conversation. but who cares, i loved every word of that conversation.

Jesse Robinson

June 05 2006
YOU ARE TOO PRECIOUS!!! It sounds liek u had a lot of fun and i am glade u did! It amazed me that u knew the finale score of the game!! lol! have a great week!