November 15 2005

this is how every love story should go.

boy meets girl
boy falls in love with girl
girl falls in love with boy
they are together
fighting, yes. arguing, of course.
every once and a while things get rough
but they make it through.
just because of love.<3

the innocence would be lovely
but i'm afraid we aren't like that anymore
we've grown up
and become ignorant to this innocence
that we crave to have back.
but we're to impatient to gain.

ours future's together aren't promised.
but if we are willing to work through the rough times
and give it all we have
then we can make it.
let them call us crazy.
because we are so young.
if you ask me, they are just jealous.
that we are really in love.

yeah. that's it.<3

there's something sexy about the rain.<3

you completely stole my heart.
and now you won't let go.
i never even had a chance you know.
you had me from hello.