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Guess who's back!!

March 02 2006

What up my party people!! Haha. Last night was super cool. I really wish I had gone to One Weekend. Here is the rundown of how last night went:

People who went on the trip got up and said what God had put on their hearts during the weekend. All of the stories were moving, but there were a few that really put me on fire!

A couple testimonies were shared, and guys, I now realize that getting up in front of people takes a lot of heart. Especially when you tell them your life story.

Personally, I just think it's so awesome when I see Christian fellowship in action. Sharing every problem; fixing every flaw; and having a little fun; above all...worshiping our amazing Savior; <-- that's what fellowship is. It has to be one of the most amazing gifts that we have recieved.

One last thing, I think I may have found her. The one person who makes me feel...happy. She could be...the one.



February 07 2006

I think that it could be time for an update in the spectacular world of....me. No, I'm just kidding. You guys don't want to hear about my boring life, do you? I thought so.

Sometimes, I underestimate God's ability to amaze. You think you're on top of the world sometimes, and then....BOOM!! Something goes completely wrong. Why does this happen? I think it's because we start to fall away after a while. Sin attacks us; and slowly but surely we fall away.

But on to the "amazing" part!! Once we've realized we have stepped farther away from God, we are brought back by his grace. I think that's the reason why going to church on Sundays and Wednesdays are so important to me. In lamen terms, it keeps me "in check."

Anyway, the point is that Jesus died for our sins and because of that, we are eternally forgiven....isn't that sooooo cool?!!

Oh man...Christ rocks!!!!



December 14 2005
I'm a good person....right?

Almost Christmas!

December 06 2005

I can't wait till December 25!!! WOOT! I didn't ask for much but I got a lot of gifts for my wonderful girlfriend, and I am trying so hard not to spoil the surprise of what they are to her!

If you can't tell, Christmas is my favorite holiday. ; )

Anyway, a lot of stress has been lifted! I finally got my chemistry project turned in so that's a relief. And english class isn't so chaotic anymore. You guys have no idea how overwhelmed I was!

More exciting subject starts now: SIEGEL GAME TONIGHT!! We are gonna slaughter Riverdale...hopefully! See some of y'all there?

Love in Christ,


Happy times...

November 29 2005

I can see God in everything I do right now. A while back, I left my worries in the dust and focused on the present instead of worrying about the future. This little change has helped me greatly! It's so cool to see God's plan for you working as you live your life. Let me just say that these are happy times...and He has blessed me.

Speaking of happy...IT"S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!! WOOT!! I don't really want much, though. Oh well, I like to give more than recieve anyway (as hard as that is to believe!).

Now on to the poopy stuff. Chemistry is stupid right now. I have a really time-consuming project that I have to do. It sucks.

But I'll end happily! Peace and Love!

Love in Him,


I guess I could update...

November 22 2005

Geez! It's been a long, freakin' time!! I've been on here many times but for some reason, never updated! Everything is pretty much awesome in my life right now. I can drive!! Woot! I have a job! Woot! I am making good grades! Woot! I also have the best girlfriend in the whole wide world! WOOT WOOT!! Haha.

Anyways, ya know what the worst part about school is? Well, I'll tell you. Junior year SUCKS! I am doing well but I have been feeling completely overwhelmed! Maybe this Thanksgiving break will help a little.

So that's about it.

In Him


I was alone.....

August 05 2005
Yeah so....Amanda isnt in town. : ( But Michael's back! WOOT! Possibilities have arisen! YAY!

Wow, long time!

August 03 2005
It's been a looooooooooooooooooooooong time. I got this to support Nathan. I don't really know him but he seemed pretty cool.

Anyway, my life is wonderful! I have a wonderful girlfriend, family, a few good friends and basically all I need in life. It's all thanks to God!!!!!!! Peace and love!



June 21 2005
Woot! I have a phusebox!