July 21 2006

So we were talking about this the other day.

Suppose the sun goes out and by some miracle, we're able to survive the cold that would surely follow...

The vegans would be the first to go, as they would all the vegetables and die.

The vegetarians would be next, because even though all the vegetables would be gone, they could still eat eggs and cheese and all the stuff the vegans wouldn't [that isn't meat].

Next would be the meat eaters, who would finish off everything the vegetarians refused to eat.

But the best type of person to be in that situation would be a cannibal. They would have food much longer than anyone else.

Just a thought.

Sarah Vermillion

July 21 2006
We should become cannibals. Because then we could make a musical about ourselves.


July 22 2006
Well, we'd also have to survive the shockwave from the sun, the radiation from the sun, and wherever the lack of gravity takes the earth. However, I'm not convinced that if we survived that the animals would stop reproducing. We'd have a steady supply of meat. But, if all plant life died, where would we get oxygen?

the brian king kenobi

July 24 2006
i can definately see you as the strength to many people . . . and even for me on a few occasions. but generally, i would have to say that for me you are joy, too. we just have too much fun together. :)