August 05 2005
becca came over last night.
we hung out with the guys.
and went ding dong ditching.
it was quite an excitement, but we didnt get chased, so that was a bummer.

my sister and her friend decided they would play a prank on us by hanging all of our thongs around my room.
we had all these crazy ideas thought up and given to us, but they locked their door.
so then we got them back by putting vasaline on the door handles to wake up to the next morning.

then they put vasaline on the toliet seat, thinking they could get us back.. but never did.
little girls, i tell you what.

carolines coming over tonight.
we are either goin to that fair thing.
or out with jordan, john ellis, and patrick to cause more mischief in the neighborhood.

im out.


August 05 2005
i think i like this better than myspace... well maybe not, but WAY better than xanga anyways! but i cant leave my xanga... i like it too much! What day next week is best for you to sleep over? Marion and amy are coming too. (i dont think you know marion, but she's sweet)