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January 19 2010

I'm so behind in school, IB is a nightmare. Seriously, everything suddenly. All the IA's, OP's, WL's. I'm drowning here, and EE. My EE is, is not even worth trying to explain. Which brings me to TOK, both OP and essay. UGH and then there's always CAS.


glass half full: graduation soon!

glass half empty: graduation soon!


I booked those stupid revision courses... they better pay off... 8,050 sek... shieeet... keff


Thing's will look up.

Or I'll make them up. 

Get It Up

January 14 2010
So, Get It Up by Santogold, MIA and Gorilla Zoe = pretty good, except the beginning is exactly the song Hood Nigga... haha LAME, but i like it :)


January 12 2010

Sweden is depressing... luckily itunes released a really good free single of the week, This Is the New Year by Ian Axel, go download it now... :)



Everything is overwhelming, I just want to go ahead and graduate... now.  


June 12 2009
tomorrow i go home. i think ive been in sweden too long because i've been refering the subway as the tube and the metro. luckly, i know that chips is not crisps, and french fries are not chips. :)

Stockholm i mitt hjärta

December 07 2008

It's been a while, I've lived in Sweden now for a year and a half.

I'm homesick. :'(


January 25 2007
im on the phone with fatty, shes lame

Lo Siento

September 01 2006

Im sorry phusebox.

i have neglected you,

nothing has really happend, so no hard feelings