February 27 2006
right, so its fat tuesday and my heart is in new orleans. i miss it and hope the city will once again be like it once was.


November 24 2005

thanksgiving break is sweet, but not when you have no one to hang out with cause your school lets out half a week before the other schools. oh tv has been good to me the last couple days. oh and sleeping and eating whatever and whenever is nice too! OH CRAP i forgot i left a pizza in the oven! l8r

long lost friend

November 03 2005
holy crap..... i've been away from you so long phusebox. you've changed.... you've changed a lot, I don't even know you anymore!!! well. yeah fun times in the comp lab at school. guess i'll start posting again.

so i'm in the library...

August 08 2005
i'm in the library and these two people are arguing people next to me. i'm thinking about moving down to school to a different computer lab. they are freaking annoying!!! yeah i'm gonna move and i'll add more in a minute...ahhh good gracious. well they left and now i can type in peace. so we finished our performances this weekend and i worked last night. i will be going in to get my tips and paycheck today. WOO HOO! guess who's going shopping for some new jeans. um, so i get to sit around for the next couple of weeks before school starts. all i'm going to be doing is working and sitting around the apartment. sounds like fun to me. today was great because i woke up around 930 then went to the convenience store and bought some oj and breakfast, ate, then went back to sleep until 200. it was awesome. well i've got to update all my other things like myspace and email and whatever other websites i'm a part of. talk to you all soon. Have a merry day!

my foot

July 29 2005
so i've been dealing with an injury to my big toe, which might not sound all that serious but for my line of work it most definately is. i got xrays the other day and they proved that there is no fructure or any abnormality so that means it is soft tissue damage. usually this would be a good thing, but with a break you can just take time off and let it heal itself but with soft tissue you are constantly re-injuring the area and it takes forever to heal. also i've been having an ankle issue and bone spurs and radial fractures have been ruled out in that case too. so basically i'm gonna ahve to take it as easy as i can and work really hard with my physical therapist to get everything back in shape and back to normal. its painful but i can take it... i think!??! our performance is next weekend and we are running into the home stretch of rehearsals. we move into the theater on saturday to start spacing and stuff. well, i'm on break from class but need to get back. HI ALL YOU NEW FRIENDS THAT I"VE JUST MET BECAUSE OF THIS TOTALLY AWESOME SITE!! have a great rest of the summer break and i'll talk to all of you really soon!


July 23 2005
so i am wicked busy and have been busy for a while. i am tyring to update as often as possible but have been slammed. i'll talk to you guys as soon as i can. later all

my friends here rock

July 17 2005
so i'm having a lot of fun here dancing for the summer. rehearsals are a bore but we went out last night and had fun. there were a few parties going on and after work i met some friends at one of the parties. people were stupidly drunk and were lying all about and it really wasn't our scene, so we went and ate chinese food and since no one really wanted to just sit around and chat i took them back to the dorms. i was kind of disappointed because i would have liked to sit around and talk and i said that we could come back to my house but saying it was 330 people just wanted to go to bed. So, instead we are going to hang out at the park today before i have to go in to work. fun times! hope i made good tips last night. ttyl

hot girl check in!

July 17 2005
for all you hot girls that want to check in!

ps this is a thing they do on the local radio station here in PIttsburgh and anybody who wants to calls in and says hi. so just say hi!

so mad right now!!!

July 11 2005
so last night after having a pretty decent afternoon before work and having a really slow night at the job i come back to my car to fine the passenger window smashed in and my car and the contents are all over the place. i'm not even making sense right now. after calling the cops and waiting for about an hour i flagged down a passing piggy and asked him how long it would be and he said i might be waiting there for a couple hours, so i decided to go down to the precinct and file a report. that was fun! nothing is really going to happen, i'm just going to get the money so i can get my stuff back. oh by the way my roomie's computer was stolen out of the trunk and a book of cds that we were borrowing from a friend. then when i get to school i find out that i sent out my credit card bill too late and i get a late fee which put me over my credit limit so..... therefore from now on my credit is absolute crap!!! i love being an adult and being responsible for things. WOO HOO! go me. i;ve also figured out that i'm gonna be in school for another year and a half and all the classes i need to take won't be offered at the times that i need them so i have3 to try to convince the administration to schedule a class twice a week so i can register for both sections of it and take the required classes i need to graduate. my mom just called while i was sitting here in the wonderful computer lab and that was just after i found out about the credit card. i didn't feel like talking. but writing somehow helps. i can write as much as i want and in my head i am screaming out the frustration but no one in here can hear me. so i think it helps to be able to yell and get out the emotion instead of being bottled up about it. tomorrow i have an appointment with a sports medicine doctor to figure out what i did to my big toe and maybe i'll need surgery. YIPPIE!!! (i tend to be sarcastic and snide with comments when i am angry) i really just want to be able to dance my ass off and let some of this tension go but we will see about it tomorrow. my ankle is locked up right now so i can't really trust it to do the things i need so i'm backing off the dancin for a minute or so until tomorrow and i get a diagnosis. plus my comp0uter is busted and i don't know how i'm gonna pay for it and i really don't want to call comp usa to find out what is wrong with it! GRRRRR! thats it for now.


July 09 2005
so i'm waiting for my frozen pizza to cook, and what better to do when waiting for food than blog? well rehearsal was uber cool today cause we learned a section that is all guys. there are four of us and we do some sweet turns and choreography and stuff. The choreographer's friends came in to watch rehearsal and help clean the piece up. One of the friends is the head of the dance department at my school (no pressure) and the other one is her husband Dave, who is also one of my friends. So needless to say i wanted to do well for them and i think i accomplished that. Overall things are spectacular. My friend Reinhart is leaving tomorrow for Seatle where he will be dancing at Pacific Northwest Ballet, and i am jealous and sadened by his leaving. But i am also happy that he is getting this opportunity. I think i might have to go check my pizza and let it cool while i hop in the shower. ttyl bye bye

busy busy

July 05 2005
so i've been swamped with activities for the past week and a half. work is a constant thing and so is dancing. i was cast in a number the first day of classes and we began rehearsing that night. we finished the piece on friday and had a "cleaning rehearsal" saturday before the choreographer left to go back to manhattan. I was totally beat, but kept chugging along cause I had to go pick up my brother last wednesday from D.C. and we got to hang out until saturday. He lives in germany for those of you who don't know, so it was sweet that i got to see him and he could see pittsburgh and where i live and what i do and my school and some of the city. while he was here we ate out a couple times, saw a movie, and went to a pool hall. he got to do some other stuff by himself while i was in rehearsals and explored the city on his own. I got out of work on saturday so i could be at that cleaning rehearsal and because i was going to lose money from not going to work the choreographer gave me 75 bucks... pretty sweet. we figured thats about how much i would be making if i had gone to work, so i definately got payed for dancing and doing what i really enjoy. TOTAL BONUS! i worked on the fourth on july and helped my teacher move into his new house... so no celebration of independence for Mikey, but i think i made some good money for work last night. Tonight i have another rehearsal; we are starting a new piece and it has to be finished by saturday night... i'm gonna need to call off work again, oh boy am i going to be poor! btw BILLS SUCK, besides that everything is going well. love you all, later

summer dance

June 28 2005
so summer dance started yesterday and i am getting my butt kicked. i have more classes today and am working later this week. my brother is now in country from germany and hopefully he'll come to pittsburgh to hang out for a while. ttyl pz


June 24 2005
work is becoming fun, and i didn't mess anything up last night... my last night of training. so i guess i finally graduated into real work now. i have the day off today and i'm going to the park to throw the baseball with my roomate. i work the weekend and double on sunday for brunch.... that is absolutely a madhouse craziness at the concourse, but its dollars so how could i complain. hope everyone who reads this is doing well and enjoying the nice warm weather, or whatver weather you are recieving at the current time. talk to you beautiful people later

it feels good

June 20 2005
working out... wow, i forgot how much fun it can be. but oh boy am i going to be sore tomorrow. Tonight is my last night for spanish summer class and I am stoked. plus today i went in to the concourse and signed the papers that officially means i am now employed and pretty much owned by landry's corporation. but hey i get 50% off food... woohoo! let's hear it for a 12 dollar filet mignon. aight homeskillets i'm OUT! pz

WOO HOO! new pics

June 18 2005
check 'em out


June 18 2005
BATMAN BEGINS IS AWESOME!!! just thought i'd let everyone know

fun times

June 18 2005
WOO HOO!!! guess who finally got a job after like three weeks of looking. well I guess it pays off when your roomate and friend both work where you apply. I will be bussing tables at the grand concourse soon. Its not the greatest gig, but I hear it pays well. go to http://www.stationsquare.com/grandconcourse/ and you can see the train station i'll be working in. look out summer here I come! there is also another site that shows better pics these pics can be enlarged if you click on them

friends cont.

June 15 2005
WOO HOO! who knew that meeting complely new people could be so much fun! thanks guys for making me feel loved. talk to you all later!


June 14 2005
so i'm gonna ask to be people's friends. i'm especially going to ask a whole bunch of people i don't know and see what happens. maybe by the end of the week i'll have a mass amount of new buddies


June 11 2005
Why wont you run
In the rain and play
Let the tears splash all over you

so disappointed

June 11 2005
i'm kinda bummed cause i didn't get out to the DZ like i had planned and i didn't even go today(sat) cause the weather is crappy. BUT i did go to the wave pool yesterday and it was super cool, except they close the pool at 730 and we got there at 6. it was still nice however to get in the water and hang out with my friend ryan. afterwards we diecded to head down to station square where they were having this expo of TONS of bbq. too bad for us you had to pay a five dollar cover charge to get in because there was some stupid cover band on stage playing music i didn't even want to listen to. i asked the woman at the ticket counter if i could wear earplugs and not pay the five bucks but she just laughed at me. so we went out to this place called lonestar and feasted on ribs there. who knew that pig could be so tasty. after we ate we headed home to get some beers, but went over to one of his friends house where we had planned to watch Legend, but the dude wasn't feeling well so we hung out with his roomates for a while until they decided to go out. overall it was a pretty good day even tho i didn't get to go out to the skydiving place..... and I'M STILL ALIVE!!! YAHOOOO. l8r

so this is blogging

June 09 2005
i'm so tired of not having a blogging job. so i figured if it came to this i could blog all day here...... ya know this really isn't working out between us, i mean i'm trying to be funny and you're just a computer. OH WELL! i think i'm gonna go jump out of a plane tomorrow, or at least go hang out with the people at the DZ so i can get a feel for who they are before i entrust my life with their equipment. Ah ha! decision has been made; i'll just hang with them tomorrow and then jump on saturday. If you never hear from me again, assume the worst; but remember if the worst should happen i have moved onto green pastures...
filled with black and white spotted cows.