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July 26 2005

photo from stephers

these are the nights we kill for.

i can't wait

July 23 2005
i'm running as fast as i can, but my feet feel like they are stuck in quicksand.

everytime i try to get something accomplished, someone or something else is there to get in my way.

i know i'll never have this thing figured out, but there's got to be some way out of this dump i got myself into. no friends who are like me. none that have the same believes, care about others like [i think] i do... no one that can have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol. why can't people just grow up???

i'm going for a drive. i don't know where i'll end up...


July 04 2005
4th of july was hot. and my puppy smells :(

i don't think you can love anyone or anything as much as i love my neice kayla. we played tball in the yard and she hit me with the ball about 50 times. my entire right side of my body should be bruised for a good three months.
i never want to leave that kid and NEVER want her to grow up. but i know everything changes and there are things i'll just have to deal with.

too bad you can't always get what you want....


June 30 2005
ok, i had to register again becuase i forgot my password. so here i am. a new beginning :)

*edit: don't make fun of my spelling. gracias