My days

March 17 2006

        Well these past weeks have royally sucked. I found out that my mamaw has cancer and I just now became capable of recieving my income tax because my low count father filed me on his taxes and well lets just say that he is about to go to federal prison for fraud because it was my moms turn to file us on her taxes. And on top of me not getting my return back it caused me to loose out on chances of getting a student grant is almost none right now. But well besides that I got a 22 on my ACT and I'm about to turn in my application for MTSU real soon. I have court on the 24th of this month and well I hope I just have to go to traffic school instead of paying a fine. That would be awesome!! Me and my boyfriend Bobby are doing great too... I thought it was funyn we had a fight and everybody was calling me and asking are you and Bobby ok, are you guys broken up and on and on and I guess people just expect me and him to be together... its almost like that if we aren't then everyone I know won't be able to function right... I think it is hilarious!!! My mamaw got her severence pay yesterday too and she is doing great... almost like she doesn't have cancer and that she acts like she hasn't had her stroke... ok on to a new subject... at work last night this girl that I did work with walked out on me and left me to do all of the night closing and pretty sure I didn't get out of work until like 11 o'clock but it's ok I really don't care... but well have a GREAT DAY!!!

Questions to life!!

February 22 2006

   So lets just say that I think that I am in love with this guy (my boyfriend) but I never tell him because I really don't know how to express that feeling, considering I've never felt it before. Not from my Mom or my Dad. But I really do think I love him. And I keep having this reoccurring dream about me walking up to his door and knocking, his Mom answers the door and asks me why I was there. And I told her I was there to see my boyfriend. Then she gives me this weird look and lets me in. I walk back to his room to find him with another girl in bed. And every time I have this dream the girl is a different person every time. It seems kind of weird, but I also heard that if you have dreams of whoever you're with cheating on you or being false in any way that it really means the complete opposite. So either my dreams are true, which I highly doubt, or he too is in love with me!!! Well either way I guess I have bigger things I need to be worrying about. Like the ACT this Saturday.... it was supposed to be the 11th but it got postponed because of bad weather. I just hope I get a good enough score to get accepted to MTSU. That would be the awesomest!!! Oh well I guess time will prevail the future!!