Presence or Provision?

September 14 2005
"The presence of God should be the primary, not the provision of God."

How often do I go to the Lord with my hands stuck out, asking, almost begging for things i think i need, or for my agenda to go forward. This quote really convicted me. I want to be a person who longs to be in the presence of the Lord, to know Him, and understand His word better.


August 22 2005
ugh...strange co-workers


August 02 2005
reading about nathan and rachel's date totally gives me the warm fuzzies. (congrats guys, it is awesome to be able to date your best friend!!) chad and i met in college at a time in my life when God was doing some awesome things in my heart. before i met chad, i made a commitment to the Lord that i wouldn't kiss another guy until my wedding day. i know this sounds totally crazy and totally lame, but i truely felt God prompting me to this decision. I knew His judgement was way better than mine. all i had to do was look at my track record with relationships, and know i obviously didn't have a clue what i was doing. i was so excited when chad asked me out, but then almost immediately nervous. i knew i had to tell this really cool guy about my commitment to the Lord. God is so awesome, and long story short, chad totally supported me in my commitment. God is so good, and works all things out for the best when we give up control. i am so happy to tell you that chad and i dated and were engaged for a total of about 2 years, and we didn't kiss until our wedding. It was one of the coolest accomplishments that God has done in my life. It was all HIM!! I give Him all praise and glory. He has given us such an awesome story. Taking the physical aspect out of a dating relationship leaves lots of time for communication and truely learning about the other person. just something to think about.

can ya feel it??

July 28 2005
can ya feel it? it's almost here, so very close. just a few more hours till...........FRIDAY!!!!!

it's raining!!

July 27 2005
it is july in texas, and it is raining. that is awesome. we don't see much rain in the summer, so this rocks! i so wish that i was sitting at home on my couch watching a fun movie. oh well, i guess i will have to sneek out of my office every so often, and sneek a peak at this beautiful weather.


July 26 2005
wow, i really admire the courage and bravery of the astronauts that are heading into space today. this launch has seemed to be plagued with setbacks. i am not sure i would have the courage to "stay the course." let's not forget to pray for these exceptional men and women, and the families they leave on the ground. God bless you, crew of Discovery!

nice coconuts!!

July 25 2005

photo from steffie.m

God is Good

July 18 2005
well, i just have to say that God is so good! yesterday, we met with some really cool people who are doing awesome things for the Kingdom. one day, i hope that we will be the encouragers to a new generation of leaders. some people say that living the Christian life is boring and binding. but, that is so far from the truth. Jesus came that we could have life, and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). we serve an awesome God. if we are truly serving and ministering, letting the almighty God work through could that be boring!! He doesn't need us, but He chooses to use us to reach others. We can be involved in changing people's eternal destination. Definitely not boring. It's so easy to get bogged down by all the distractions of this world, i want to try to remember the big picture..the great comission...yielding myself fully to God's will.


July 15 2005
by far, the coolest day of the week.


July 13 2005
sometimes, the thing you think is gonna be the hardest really isn't. all you really have to do is just do it (stolen from NIKE). i had totally convinced myself that i was right, and i was owed an apology. but that wasn't gonna happen. some people don't see when they are wrong, and all i was doing was wasting time being mad and frowning a lot. not so cute. so, what happened?? i ate my pride, not caring that i was right, but caring that reconciliation should happen. life is too short to keep track of who owes me an apology. i wonder how many people think i owe them an apology.

40 years old

July 12 2005
today, i read that the famous 7/11 store "Slurpee" turned 40 this very day. crazy, huh?

here we go again.....

July 11 2005
well, the bad news is we are back to monday. the good news is i get a chance to make this week better than the last.


July 10 2005
just have to mention that we are so blessed to live in a country where we can worship in the house of God and it is our right. we are not persecuted, we are not made to hide our faith in secrecy, we can praise the Lord with no fear. let us not take this for granted. people all over the globe do not share these same rights, we are truly blessed. we weren't born here by accident, there is always a plan and a reason. let's take advantage of our freedom. let's take every opportunity we have to praise the Most High. He is why we are here.

some of my faves about summer....

July 10 2005
1. longer days-more sunshine, more time to hang with the people you love and love being around.

2. ice cream-here in texas, ice cream is like the must have food staple of the summer. i am an addict. i love all kinds, definitely not flavor prejudiced.

3. jeep driving-we are super lucky, and we own a jeep wrangler right now. what a cool blessing. driving around with the top off of the jeep is so great. it makes the most boring chores like a mini adventure. even the grocery store can be bearable if i can look forward to fun drive home. i can even drive it without killing it anymore (oh how i hate first gear!)

"war of the worlds"--what the heck??

July 08 2005
just got home from seeing that crazy movie. what a ridiculous ending.....the whole thing was pretty hokie. the suspense and build up were really pretty good, but the ending.......WHAT A LETDOWN! crazy, awesome effects. good job on that front mr. spielberg, but, man what happened to the ending. did i already mention that?? i definitely have to see a better movie soon, so i can get that bad movie experience stink out of my nose.

it's friday.....sweet music to my ears!!

July 08 2005
for me, friday's rock. the end of five days of responsibility, hard work (mostly), long commutes, and strange co-workers. i feel like a prisoner set free...well maybe that was a bit over-dramatic. last weekend, i was out of town, so this weekend i am gonna catch up on some much needed vegging. bring on the snacks, bring on the remote!!!

am i too old for this??

July 07 2005
no way! i don't feel that old, and i desperately want to be cool. jk. hopefully my super smart hubby can help me figure this out. i just can't keep my thoughts to myself any longer. i wouldn't want to deprive the world of such things.