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December 14 2005

So. Yeah.  Done with finals.  Now what?...

I think I've even gotten bored with the ninja scarves for a while. *sigh* This is bad.  Meh.

A readable version of my schedule might be helpful...
French Conversation 9:40-11:05
Japanese 2 1:00-2:25
Women's Choir 2:40-4:05

Intro Philosophy 9:10-10:05 MWF
Honors Intro Anthropology 10:20-11:15 MWF
Social Psych 12:40-2:05 MW
Intro Social Dance 3:00-3:55 MW


November 23 2005
I have a computer desk now (mostly). Yay.
It ate my room. Boo. Hiss.
Not sure if I should just attempt to deal with having a smaller-room feeling and the ability to have 3 computers hooked up at once (or 2 computers and space for homework), or try to pawn this furniture off on the rest of the family (rearrange the office area, for instance. That could work, the computer desk in there is falling apart from old age anyway)... We'll see.

As a warning to the rest of y'all, read all the dimensions they give you to figure out which set is the entire thing.  I just read one set of dimensions, thought it was the whole thing, and now have an enormous glass-and-metal monster invading about a third of my room.  Mrrp.

Fridaze and so forth

November 18 2005

Yay for being registered.  Now all I need is my major to be created, and I'll be set...

So, yeah. Still jobless. Sigh.  Maybe somebody will like me enough to hire me soon, so I can get Christmas presents. I hope I hope.

Whee. I now have a picture of myself saved on my computer. Now I can be something besides a box!


November 15 2005

Okay, so I decided that being a PhuseGroupie and keeping track of people through Chris's site isn't going to work too well, and got my own. Phraselspitz on y'all and your peer pressure. Mmph. :-P

Erm. Now that I have one, I'm not quite sure what to do with it. Meep. I think I had this same problem with my Xanga, way back when... I just hope y'all don't change your mind again too soon, 'cause keeping track of site addresses is NOT my strong suit (and somehow I get the feeling that I'd end up having to rebuild my computer again before I had them all memorized, anyway. That's what happened last time with webcomics).

Anyway. Um. Started looking into creating my major. Now I know who to convince, at least. He just needs to be healthy and working again first... Then I'll just end up having about 4 or 5 minors that will somehow magically turn into a major. Yay!

Brownies are almost gone now. And the harvest loaf. *sigh*... Not sure which dessert I should bake next... any ideas?... I know I'll have to be making brownies again a week or two after Thanksgiving anyway (doing a demonstration speech on them).  Hmm. I don't know. Ideas/suggestions welcome.

And before you ask, yes, I am planning on posting some kind of picture once I get to my computer to pick one.