February 22 2006
mk, this really sucks. . no one comes here. Not even my best friend. . so I believe I'm shutting down! If I can! *shakes head*


February 01 2006

DISGUST DISGUST DISGUST! That's the way I look at myself. I am just completely and utterly disgusted with myself! I love that I'm oh so totally dedicated to my music but everything else, my looks, my height, my everything just completely disgusts me! I don't know why. . . well yes I do. . .I don't have a date for prom. . my senior year and it SUCKS! I want a date and not just as friends. . . I guess I'm just getting my hopes up! *sighs* I've just randomly thought about asking this one guy that's in my 2nd period that i'm just crazy about but his answer will probably be. . .'NO-diss your face!' and then I'll cry. . . seriously. ..  .i guess no is the worst answer I could get. . . .wait. . .no. .. that's not. . more like omg you're ugly. .and all that jazz. . i know it's true but *sighs* ANYWAYS! I must go. . need to do my paper!




January 17 2006

It's made official. I am aboslutely stressed. Mk, here's my agenda.

1)Biology II DNA Molecule project
2)English Paper (worth 635 pts. . .yeah I know!)
3)English Macbeth Video (due when we're done reading it. . do we know what that is? NO!)
4)Learning allstate music and singing it RIGHT(we don't even have all of our music and Mrs. Adams is like RLLY sick)
5)Musical Rehearsals
6)Job (but I took care of that at the beginning of January. . I'm only working on like fridays saturdays and sundays now. .)

My parent's have been raging on me and telling me, 'Cayla, you aren't the same person that you used to be. You blah blah blah!' But i believe that it's because I'm sooooo stressed, that that's the reason why I'm so irrated with people right now. I can't help it! So Me and Brittaney have decided to atleast try to read a couple chapters of the bible during directed studies for our benefit, I know it'll help. Well I must be going! Say some prayers for me. I'm going to need it cuz all of those projects and papers and also allstate is due or going on at the beginning of February. Luv ya'll!



January 05 2006

WOW! Well, it's time for that crazy English paper of ours to kick in.
Yes, we have to do all of that job shadowing and stuff for college. Isn't that just crazy! But i do know that this paper and everything we have to do with it, will help me get ready for college. It's going to help me completely decide on what I wanna do! I'm still trying to completely figure that out. I do know that majoring in music is #1 at the moment. . I'm having a million and one people tell me I should do this and that and other s say I shouldn't do that but it's what I. . .ME . . what I want to do with my life! But anyways, ttyl! LEAVE ME COMMENTS!



We are the light. . .

December 14 2005

I'm having a very good day. . .even though I could fall asleep.

We. the christian youth of America, are the light. We are what shine in the dark. Don't hide who you really are, all you christians out there. We need to make that little candle light into a big huge UNCONTROLABLE flame; burning thoughts into the sinners minds. We need to really get out there and show people what God has done for us. Shoot, we're still alive. . we have a home ot live in, shoes on our feet, foot to eat. . presents under our christmas trees. . We are ultimately blessed by being Christians. I know I don't want anyone to go to hell just because I didn't bring up the conversation of God ya know. I mean, God will go to everyone, but maybe that one person whom you sit by in class is just waiting for you to mention God to them. To introduce them, possible ask them to church. Little stuff can add up to millions of blessings. It could spread like wild-fire.

I guess the reason I'm going on about this is because Marlo dragged me off yesterday morning to a little pray circle that they have every day outside. They have prayer requests, and things of that nature and they end with prayer. Well, today Travis N. went on a little thought about being a light and it just expanded into my brain. I just loved it. It's so simple yet it's so complex. I love it. Well I must be going now. I need to study for my Biiology II test today! UGH! say a prayer for me for this test cuz I need this test to work out really well! Well, I'll talk to oyou guys later!! LUV YA'LL!

Cay           aka            Hub


December 09 2005

Okay, boredom is my thought for the day. My english teacher sophomore year, Mrs. Wright- whom I miss, would say you are only bored because you choose to be bored. I totally agree with that. I don't know if any of you Riverdalian people out there had her and remember her saying that. So what if I choose to be bored. Actually I like it. lol. If you enjoy boredom. . then ENJOY IT ALL YOU CAN! My boredom relaxes me!  So at the moment, I'm quite relaxed. I must go! I love all of you beautiful people out there!



December 08 2005

Hey there guys. Wow, this is weird. . . Trying to get used to it. But atleast it's not blocked by the durn people that block all the cool sites like xanga and myspace. . .GRR to those people. anywho. . . I need a picture and I'll get one posted when I get the chance at my house. so. . I think that's all. luv you guys!