April 23 2007

its nice and warm here in michigan.......

                                 were else is it hot?

i had to type this for my class its not much but....

April 19 2007

The Greedy Wolf

There once was a wolf who was very greedy and wanted to be rich and famous. He was a sneaky wolf and always got into trouble. One day the wolf walked by a pile of gold he ran as fast as he could to get to it and then the gnome popped out. The wolf said, “this gold is mine I saw it first.” the gnome said, “no this gold is mine I’m guarding it for the king of the enchanted forest.” The wolf got mad and started to think on how he was to get this gold. The wolf saw a duck swimming in the pond few yards away. The wolf trotted to the duck and asked if he wanted to be rich the duck thought about it and said, “yes.” So the wolf started to explain what had happened. The duck said that he would think up a plan. The next day the duck snuck up to the pile of gold and quickly shoved some in his beak. The gnome noticed that the duck was stealing and then ran toward the duck. The gnome asked, “Why are you stealing from the king?” the duck said the wolf said that if I stole this gold he would give me some. The gnome said that if you don’t steal you will be rewarded 10 golden coins and just this one time. The duck agreed and went of to his quiet pond. Later that day the wolf saw the duck and asked if he had stolen any coins? The duck said, ”no he gave me 10 coins if I didn’t steal so your on your own.” The wolf got mad and stormed off to the pile of gold. The wolf saw the gnome and said, “why would you give the duck 10 coins to not steal the gold?” the gnome said, “because he did the right thing and left the gold alone just like you should.” The wolf said, “well I wanna be rich and famous not poor and slum.” The gnome said,” I will give you 20 coins to leave this gold alone for the rest of you life.” The wolf agreed and made a promise never to bother the gnome again.

                                       THE END

By: Shayne cooper 

i have a new car!!!!!!!!

April 19 2007
its a 1998 couger but it is still in good shape.

im so... bored

April 17 2007
I have a big test on 4-20-07 and I dont think ill pass. It's on biological science.

how is everyone today im haveing a wonderful time with my family.

April 16 2007
i just got back from florida and now we r goin to go 2 LA in 3 weeks im soo ecited.

my friend mest up

April 13 2007
he said i was born on the wrong date lol. ill get you back corey if you are reading this ill see you later.


April 13 2007


        I just found out about this site any ideas what i should do on my blog or just any help would do.

        Here is a little about me im 16 born 4/1/91 and i never met my real father my mother is in florida and i live with my cousins in hastings michigan i grew up in battlecreek and thats about all i think i can mention.