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1 Corinthains..Matthew

November 20 2005

...as you eagerly await for oour Lord Jesus Christ to be revealed. He will keep you strong until the end....

i was reading 1 Corinthains last night it hit me that Jesus reveales himself when we are ready not any sooner....its crazy!!! this patiences thing is harder than i thought really!!! i just wish he would tell me certain things so i wouldnt worry about them ya know!!! but then he tells us its not our time... i dunno! i have a lot to learn!!!

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will ear or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. It not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.
~matthew 6:25, 34

to much going on...work football game sleepy!

November 19 2005

well im soo exhausted!!! who is with me???
and i probably get more sleep than a lot of ppl!!!

didnt make to Knoxville but hey thats okay!
ill get to see Jason and Patrick this week!!! YAY!!!

attention: dont throw things at my window! i dont think you want to know what will happen!

so im going to the Titan game tomorrow!
with wes his roommate and Mr Keegan!
should be fun..never been!!!

i guess this whole entry was just random!
but yeah! one main thing tho...
please pray for me!!!

Love Through Christ!


November 17 2005

Sometimes one smile means more than a dozen roses.....

i agree!

im gonna be a hermit crab!

today.....STORMS AHHH!!!

November 15 2005

today has been crazy::

i got hit with a leaf!!! on tha way to class! it hurt! it was crazy!!!

bryan: its a monson of leaves!!!
me: *laughing*
bryan almost lost his hat! its always fun walking with him after class!!! im aways laughing!

went to tha doctor today! blah! one good thing i can start working out again!!! WOO HOO!!!

so its gonna be stormy tonight...i love storms just not tornados! yeah i have lived through them!! my mom went in storm mode a min ago! hey we lived in Texas!! we know how to prepare!! soo yeah!!! STAY SAFE!!!!

i like being the only child at home!!! yummy!!!

Love Should Wait for its PROPER TIME....

Love Through Christ!


November 14 2005

i have really been praying about something the past week! and God has finally answered it!!!! :)

pretty sure im listening to Christmas Music!!!

Love Through Christ!

EDIT~~~i hate reading things that ruin my day! i know it shouldnt get to me!!! and im not! he may get a mouth full this weekend!!!!


November 12 2005

running on 5 hours of sleep is werid for me!!!!!

back to work i go!!!....blah!

Love Through Christ!


November 11 2005

tha strangest thing just happened to me!!! when me and amy lived in Texas we had a best friend name Emily! well she is my friend on Facebook!!! its crazy! she requested to be my friend and i was like well okay sure! and then i get a message that says "Do i know you?" and i start looking back at old picture and i was like wow i know her!!! it was crazy!!!

sorry random thing of tha day for me!!

Love Through Christ!


November 11 2005

so im feeling horrible this morning!!! i wouldnt go to class this morning but of course i have a test soo i have to go! please pray for me!!!

Love Through Christ!


November 09 2005

"i want a guy to fight for me!!!!"

sums it up! i hope my night gets better!

Love Through Christ!


November 09 2005

well im confused on a lot of things right now...please pray for me!!!

Love Through Christ!


November 08 2005
"At first you may not see clearly what God's will is--the serverance of a friendship, the breaking off of a business relationship, or something esle you feel is distinctly God's will for you to do. But never act on the impuse of that feeling. If you do, you will cause difficult situations to arise which will take years to untangle. Wait for God's timing and He will do it without any heartache or disappointment. When it is a question of the providential will of God, wait for God to move."
~Oswald Chambers

learned somethin new today.....

November 07 2005

so my car died last night!
tha battery went "blah"
thanks to my best bud jamie she came and got me this morning!!! i owe you big!
i learned how to change a battery and put tha new one in!!! i was happy!!! :)

WOW...thats all i can really say as much as God has been working in my life! since i decided to stay single until God says "its time"...believe me when im ready ill be excited!!! lol!!! :)

Lay Down my Pride
My Desries My Demise
I'm Ready to see it Your way
I'm Done I'm through ignoring You now its true
I'm Kneeling at the Cross of your Grace
Lay Down my Pride

EDIT~~~ wow God is amazing!!!!  im soo happy i went to intercession! i didnt stay long bc God really worked on my heart!!!! im excited to see what happens next in my life!
"its his time...not mine!"

well im out!
Love Through Christ!


November 05 2005

One point to decide is-will I give up? Will I surrender to Jesus Christ, placing no conditions whatsoever as to how the brokeness will come? I must be broken from my own understanding of myself. When I reach that point, immediately the reality of the supernatural identification with Jesus Christ takes place. And the witness of the Spirit of God is unmistakable--"I have been crucifed with Christ....."

~Oswald Chambers

thats all!

Love Through Christ!


November 03 2005

rachel: i just saw a shooting star
nate: thats awesome. make a wish. Make it a good one!
nate: what'd you wish?
rachel: im not telling you then it wouldnt come true!
nate: Lol! i wont tell anyone Oh well!

jamie: you can put your feet up now
rachel: yes...o wait those guys are over there MAN!

GOD IS AMAZING!!!! he never ceases to amaze me! even when im not having a good day!

i love having a friend that is going through tha same things as me!!!!

i want to go back!

Love Through Christ!


November 02 2005
Join with the Angels
Singing Holy Holy
Our hearts rejoice
Singing Glory Glory

tha things people say...

November 01 2005

some things people say really cut deep!
on the lines of this:
"so Amy your birthday is in a month, we should throw you a party"
with me sitting right next to her!

Love Through Christ!


October 31 2005

Oh, the wonderful cross
Oh, the wonderful cross
Bids me come and die
And find that I may truly live
Oh, the wonderful cross
Oh, the wonderful cross
All who gather here
By grace draw near and bless Your name

soooo its offical......im gonna be staying single for a while!!! God has really put me at peace with it! i feel like i need to grow more and learn more about Him! God will let me know when im ready! im tired of just jumping into a relationship and then just getting hurt in the end! soo its all on him!!! today was a tuff day in that area...the devil really tempted me but i came through!

well im off to write a paper!!!

Love Through Christ!

AO Fall Retreat.....

October 30 2005

Majesty, Majesty
Your grace has found me just as I am
Empty handed but alive in Your Hands
Here I am
Majesty, Majesty
Forever I am changed by Your Love
In the presence of your Majesty

WOW!!!! this weekend was needed!!!
i went on tha AO Fall Retreat!!! im soo happy i did!! b4 i left i was really not wanting to go bc i really didnt know that many ppl and well Jamie wasnt going!!! im happy i stepped out of my bubble and went!!! lol!!!

God really gave me peace about something and it was really one of those things i needed to hear! and im soo happy i listened!!! im not sure i want to share it with a bunch of ppl right now im still getting used to it and well yeah! this is one thing i need my close friends more than ever though! soo yeah!

the speaker was AMAZING!!! i learned soo much!!!

i met some new ppl!!! had an amazing time at tha falls with Christian and Wes..i fell in tha water..i laughed so hard but all they cared about was if i as okay...nice guys....man they really showed me i need to work out more!! lol!!! hehehehe! im sore!!!

i want to go back...it was nice not having a cell phone, computer, anything really just you and God!!! i loved it there!!

well im off to do a buttload of school work! adios!

Love Through Christ!


October 27 2005

when you think that your day is gonna end horrible your best friend calls and says lets get ice cream!!!!

gosh i dont know what i would do without Jamie! thanks gurl for everything!!! i love ya!!!!

got a 96 on my math test
got to sleep in
got a 158 on a game in blowing...bet Alex and Chasen!!
i pumped my own gas today by myself with no one with me...it was my 1st time!!! im proud of my myself!!

Love Through Christ!

Gods timing

October 25 2005

soo im posting again shoot me....

have learned soo much on Gods timing these past couple days! in sunday school and then tonight at JGroup!! i guess God really wants me to listen to it!!!  its crazy!!! i always seem to want it my way when it comes to my life but God really has shown me...that we need to do it together and everything will turn out according to his plan!!! yup yup!!!

Love Through Christ!