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October 12 2005
ya know some people never change!
and then some people dont realize how much they hurt you! :(
i just wish i had tha time and patience to talk to this person about it but o wait he is obessed with 2 things!! soo of course he doesnt have time to talk!!! ive done my part he can do his!

i did get to talk to Josh Vance today...his story that happened to him this morning made my day!

i just hope tomorrow is a better day...and it will be b/c i get to hang out w/ Patrick!!

i have tha next 2 days off work!!! YAY!!!

well im off to work on some school work! thats all i do is homework and work these days!

Love Through Christ!


October 13 2005
that story was hilarious. It def. made my day too.


October 13 2005
josh's story definitely didn't make mine!