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really cold....

October 07 2005
okay its like really cold outside...but i love it!!! i have figured out i need to buy more winter clothes since i mainly wear tank tops and tshirts lol!!!
took a really long nap today...i feel much better!!!
watching Blaze tonight and tomorrow WOO HOOO!!!
well i got to go get ready for work!!!

favorite qoute of tha day:
Mr. Belton: where is your book?
Matt: i burned it to stay warm!!!

Love Through Christ!


October 07 2005
yeah, so i'm taping a soccer game tonight...i forgot my heavy coat, which is okies cause i've got a fleece, but i don't got my gloves and tobaggon....d'oh! but yay for colder weather!


October 07 2005
haha! thumbs up for the quote! :o) blaze barked when i laughed

l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

October 07 2005
ah i love the cold.