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hahahaha....early morning!!!

August 30 2005
hahahah today was fun!!! me and Jamie got to school about 7:00 our moms made us leave early to have plenty of time to get there...and make it to class!!!! well 1st we get out of our cars then tha wind trys to blow us away! our umbrellas didnt like us...they didnt want to work at all!!! jamie kept stepping in puddles and my shoe would not stayed tied(i tied it like 5 times...i offically hate shoes)!!! we have decided we want a motorcycle....they have tha best paking!!! but then we decided wait we could just ride w/ Nate were little! we finally made it to tha KUC to get something to eat b/c i was hungry(im always hungry) and Jamie wanted a water!!! left there talked to Ryan Conley...this time i stepped in tha huge puddle! finally made it to class and met Robin! it was an adventure today!!!!

soo i have to drop my favorite class....which sucks!!! im not happy about it but i know it i drop it i will be able to get through these deveoplemental classes through and passed!!! Bryan Hibdon knows what im talking about! so now im down to 13 hours of school!!!!

off to Math! with Mrs Fisher!!! YAY!!! I miss Matt!!!

Love Through Christ!


August 30 2005
Aww you have Matt's mom that's so cool!

Jamie Smith

August 30 2005
Today was A-MAZING lol..... I miss him tons!!!!!!


August 30 2005
You guys decided you could ride with me? Hmm... If I got a sidecar, I could carry 2 people. That would be interesting.