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August 23 2005
soo my dad isnt to happy at tha moment....and he isnt even in town...at a couple of my friends!!! i could see y he isnt happy w/ them!!! ya know friends are supposed to support you if they feel like your doing tha right thing....well they thought i was but yet they stabbed me in tha back...soo yeah please pray for me

work was long but easy today! got only a 5 hour 4 hour shift tomorrow im excited!!!

goin to Elizs house to help her pack tomorrow!!! man im gonna miss her!! but were gonna have fun tomorrow!!!

i really need to go to walmart!

AO thursday night....im excited!!

well im off to beddy!

Love Through Christ!


August 23 2005
don't go to walmart this weekend. Do it fast this week. You go to Walmart this weekend, and you will catch all the MTSU students there. Which means chaos 101! Lol. Thursday night is going to be great. I can't wait either. You are going to love it there. I promise.


August 23 2005
AO is thursday night???


August 25 2005
thanks for helping me pack!