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August 22 2005
I Pray for the Day when you dont have to worry about me anymore......

today was good....i like working at a clothing store...i found some things that i liked...soo Densie told me how to put them aside for me!!! i was exctied!!!

tonight....after i went to tha tanning bed....i just decided im gonna just go for a drive!!! it felt good to blast Kutless and really have time to myself to think about a lot of things!!!

Eddie got baptized last night!!! YAY!!! went to Robins apartment w/ Jamie Whitney Lauren Crystal, AJ, Shaun, Alex and Eddie!!! had a blast!!! me and Jamie sat and just talked while they were gone gettin food!!! o i hate tha movie American Pie! i hope to never have tha chance to see that movie again!!! i learned some new things about cars last night!!!

i got a book from MTSu GREEK LIFE.....okay nope sorry i dont want to join you!!!

well im out!!

Love Through Christ!


August 22 2005
Yea, Greek Life at middle doesn't seem that appealing!


August 22 2005
no greek life for me at martin either! yay we can be non-greek together!! i'm gonna miss you rachel!! if you and amy can i want to hang out with yall again before i leave! yall can come over somtime on wednesday if you want! just call me...i'll probably call one of yall before then! i love you!

l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

August 23 2005
hah you got the Greek Life Book. fun stuff.