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August 21 2005
truth, trust, wisdom, guidance, patteince, tha one, love, friendship....and many more...are things you recieve when you WAIT FOR THE LORD!

well last night was fun!!! went up to Nashville!! to hear Justins friend sing! w/ Jennifer, Nate and Amy! we met Justin, Kayla and some other ppl up there!!! tha music was by far tha best part of tha night!! tha lyrics were my favorite!!!

church was amazing this mornin!!! i was having some problems staying awake but i made it and Brother Deans sermon was great!!

slept when i got home after church! and i think im about to go back to sleep!!!

yall pray for me!! im workin 38 hours this week! and i have to wear closed toed shoes well w/ just having surgey on my foot...it kinda uncomfortable!!! soo yeah!

i REALLY MISSS....Jason Patrick Kyle and Dena!!! this morning at church wasnt tha same without Patty Boy and Jason!!! ill be okay tho!!! I guess i better go ahead and read Denas letter! i havent gottin tha guts to! i guess its time!!!

luv yall!

Love through Christ!


August 21 2005
i love sleeping on sundays! glad you had fun last night in nashville, sounds like a good time!! good luck with work next week, you're in my prayers! take it easy!