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August 17 2005
well someone finally got my car...w/ tha car chalk stuff!!!
to tha ppl that did it:
i laughed sooo hard when i saw it!
my mom thought it was funny!!!
next time it happens do it better!! lol!!
my dad didnt like tha idea that we have red paint on tha driveway now...since were trying to sell our house...he said it looks like someone was shot on our driveway!

this morning was interesting!!! i had to wash my car at 7 this morning b/c tha stuff stuff was running and my dad didnt it to ruin my car but i have pictures!!!

Love Through Christ!


August 17 2005
congrats...lol. Yea my parents got mad when my friends decorated my car...I however found it amusing.


August 17 2005
haha...and thanks for waking me up! but then thanks for letting me sleep while u cleaned :o)

Jamie Smith

August 17 2005
aww who got it what happened lol!!