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August 15 2005
well today i was going through some thigns in my room.....soo many memories came back! i got angry and started crying through tha whole process!!! some of tha things i was sooo angry i ripped it up chunked in tha garbage! but then some things i just looked at and started crying...but then it hit me that i had to throw it away...i needed to do it tho! some of those things had to be thrown away or ill never move on! but i am!

i really need to start gettin ready! but i know if i actually get in tha shower and dry my hair and straighten it...it will just go curly again! soo im just sitting here watching Gilmore Gurls! wasting time!

wow...it hit me that this fall semeter..i have 16 hours...2 jobs...church...family and friends!!! its gonna work! lol!!!

well i think im gonna go get ready now! lol!!! luv ya!!!

o yes my IPOD will be here Wednesday..im excited! it came from China! wooo hoo!!!

Love Through Christ!


August 15 2005
2 jobs and school. More power to you! i shall add that to my prayer list ;)


August 15 2005
You picked up a second job? Whoa... good luck with that! Letting go cacn be painful, but cleansing and imporatnt!

Megan Polis

August 15 2005
Did I ever tell you how preasious you are, b/c you are

l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

August 15 2005
i want an IPOD bad.


August 16 2005
I thought the interview wasn't until Tuesday. Oh well. You are going to be one busy girl. Knowing your priorities will help immensely.