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church...house...and ice cream!

August 14 2005
If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.
~Luke 9:23

glad i went to church this morning!!! im glad i have deicded to go back to sunday morning worship just not sunday school!
it was tuff this morning tho! my foot was killing me tha whole time!!!!

went to look at houses today!

had ice cream w/ my best gurl Jamie!!! we got a chance to catch up! we have soo much fun! lol!

got to work tomrorow..and then goin to Denas!

Love Through Christ!


August 14 2005
i want some ice cream! have fun at work tomorrow.


August 14 2005
You don't want to go to Sunday school.


August 14 2005


August 14 2005
oh... whew!

Jamie Smith

August 14 2005
Yay I had so much fun with you tonight and its ok with my mom bout tuesday but I dont think he goes into work till like 3 or so he thinks lol!! Love ya!