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August 12 2005
its amazing how feelings change in a minute!!! God has some major plans for me this year and im excited to see what they are!!!

well im up at tha crack of dawn w/ my dad!!! its crazy!! i never get up this early! even when i had early morning i was late! lol!!! Julie was always call me and tell me to get up and get to school!!!
I miss those mornings!!!!

last night was fun!
Julie and Eliz came over to watch a movie then me and Eliz and Amy were listening to some old school music! lol!!!

wow...i honestly have to say i love my friends! they have gottin me through soo many things! thanks Jamie for yesterday! hahaha Nate thanks for reminding of somethings! o and Eliz thanks for not mentioning who is to not be named!

patrick came by! ill have to put a pictiure of him w/ his present we gave him! i think im gonna miss him the most :(

Love Through Christ!

Jamie Smith

August 12 2005
Aww yeah Im glad you're feeling better I love ya girl!!!


August 12 2005
When is Patrcik leaving?! I feel like I haven't seen him in forever... hope I see him before he leaves...


August 12 2005
That's what friends are for... right? *Cue horrible Bette Midler song*


August 12 2005
No problemo good buddy!! I had fun last night too!! I mean what could be better than a big cookie, chicken, jello, a movie, and some old school music! see you tonight!


August 12 2005
awe. friends are the greatest.