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a bum.....and an amazing book....and other thoughts....

August 04 2005
tonight was my lazy night...i needed it!!! sorry for tha ppl that wanted me to do something!!! lol!!! i felt like being a bum!!! lol!!!

i just got done reading "He Chose The Nails" by Max Lucado...that book is amazing!!! i recommend it!!! lol!!! i learned soo much through that book!!!

For all at once all sin is atoned for on the cross, the entire Fall is erased, and the whole obligation to Satan, and the entire sentence passed upon the Fall of Adam is torn up, cancelled, and annulled by the nails of Jesus.
~Count Niklolaus Ludwig Von Zinzendorf

"Christ is King" no matter what language you Speak
~Max Lucado

so much is going on in my life at tha moment...God has shown me new things and still hasnt answered some things but i have patience for those things!!! its insane but what God has been telling me is wonderful!!!!

Love Through Christ!!!


August 04 2005
Coolness. When I saw "amazing book" I knew you couldn't have possibly been reading Between A Rock and A Hard Place... ha ha...

Lauren Beasley

August 04 2005
good book.

kelsey shearron

August 04 2005
i just love those kinds of nights!


August 05 2005
love lazy nights- we all need some of those. love that book- been thinkin about reading it again.