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New York!!!

August 02 2005
God did some amazing things in New York City this week!! im sooo happy i got to be apart of it!!!
we went to NYC to paint a school called Thedore Roosevelt High School...250 college students...1 floor of a school...a couple hundred gallons of paint...was Paint the Town!!!
we got to help this school basically....they have the highest drop out rate in NYC...they have 20 cops that patrol tha school everyday...metal detetors...soo everyone please be in prayer for the students and teachers that work and go to that school!!!
we also got to prayer walk on college campuses...
New York City:
191 college campuses
1 million college students
1% claim they know Jesus Christ
wow that is a lot!!! sooo if everyone can keep New York City college students in your prayers thanks!!
my church group got to pass out flyers one day to help promot tha Block Party on afternoon...i loved passing them out!! i loved tha look on the lil kids faces when they got free gum and a chance to come play games and eat for free!!!
when we 1st got there at tha beginning of tha week!! tha dorms we stayed in didnt have AC at all!! but of course by tha next day they moved us to new dorms that had AC!!!
i love New York City...im soo happy i got the chance to go!! i had a blast w/ my church group there!!!

O Christ, be the center
of our lives
be the place
we fix our eyes
be the center
of our lives.

Love Through Christ!!!


August 02 2005
It was awesome! It was a great week hanging out with you and serving God!


August 02 2005
615-397-0339 :D It's always on.

Jamie Smith

August 02 2005
Aw girl Im soo glad ur home!!


August 02 2005
yay! i missed you guys! i'm glad we get to hang out on thursday! love you!

Robin Matherne

August 02 2005
I'm so glad you home...but its also so great that ya'll all had a good time and jus from reading that sounds like ya'll did amazing things...i cant wait to hear everything else yall did and more details!