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Guard Your Heart!

December 29 2005

My Princess....
If I were to hand you a fragil, newborn baby girl, I know that you would protect her with your life. Your arms would be strong, your feet sure, and your eyes ever watchful. Be careful, my trusted one! For I have placed something just as precious and delicate within you. It is your heart...your very life. Treasure it! Protect it! Watch over it with all your strength. For the world and all its pleasures are like kidnappers who will stop at nothing to steal your heart away from Me and destory it. I want what is best for you, my treasured one, and although you sometimes feel that the sinful pleasures of this world dont seem harmful, they will seperate you from Me. Just as a newborn is helples without loving care, you also will suffer if your heart is taken from Me. So im asking you to guard your heart and cling to Me, the source of life.
Your King and the Life Giver.


December 30 2005
:o) i'm proud of the decisions you've made...i can't wait to see all that God has in store for ya sis!


December 31 2005
I can't sleep. It's 2:26am, I just got off a 20 hour trip and I can't sleep. I wish you were awake. I have lots to share. Oh well.

Megan Polis

January 01 2006
I'm not dissin' him i'm just saying that if it's warm enough in January to have him going around then that is wrong