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quietness.....(if thats a word)

December 06 2005

so if anyone hasnt noticed i have been really just quiet and not really loud wherever im at...(well execpt for with jamie...we always are loud when where together).....sorry......

God has really just been laying things on my heart..and i have been thinking about them a lot! yeah i think to much! o well! everything will be okay in the end!!!

my weekend was a blast!!!
the lights are amazing at OpryLand!!!
dont eat tha the Irish Pub in the hotel! unless you get a burger!!!
make sure you wear a lot of clothing in 16 degree tempertures....i froze in ICE!!!

kinda sad...
have to take my promise ring back b/c well its kinda 2 big and they sold me a fake ring!!! soo yeah!

well im off to class!

Love Through Christ!


December 06 2005
well im i came to talk to justin and now im online and about to come back to talk to you.....yeah