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today.....STORMS AHHH!!!

November 15 2005

today has been crazy::

i got hit with a leaf!!! on tha way to class! it hurt! it was crazy!!!

bryan: its a monson of leaves!!!
me: *laughing*
bryan almost lost his hat! its always fun walking with him after class!!! im aways laughing!

went to tha doctor today! blah! one good thing i can start working out again!!! WOO HOO!!!

so its gonna be stormy tonight...i love storms just not tornados! yeah i have lived through them!! my mom went in storm mode a min ago! hey we lived in Texas!! we know how to prepare!! soo yeah!!! STAY SAFE!!!!

i like being the only child at home!!! yummy!!!

Love Should Wait for its PROPER TIME....

Love Through Christ!


November 15 2005
Yeah, I definately put my bike under the awning here. If a tornado comes, I'm going on the roof. I'd rather be on top of the rubble than underneath.


November 16 2005
How does getting hit by a leaf hurt?!