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November 14 2005

i have really been praying about something the past week! and God has finally answered it!!!! :)

pretty sure im listening to Christmas Music!!!

Love Through Christ!

EDIT~~~i hate reading things that ruin my day! i know it shouldnt get to me!!! and im not! he may get a mouth full this weekend!!!!


November 14 2005
Christmas music is the best! I just bought a great cd of christmas music. ????


November 14 2005
but its not Thanksgiving yet, people!!! ;)


November 14 2005
I love Christmas Music. It seems like Christmas starts coming earlier and earlier each year, cuz people start to put up lights and everything else.


November 15 2005
christmas music is amazing. christmas is my favorite time of year. i've been bugging my mom about putting the x-mas tree up. haha, she says we must wait until after thanksgiving...sad. hah. well have a great rest of the week. (and i know what you mean about your edit...it happens a lot to me...and like before, it's probably about the same person. but i could be wrong, heh! -it'll be okay though. it's aaaall good. haha i've always wanted to say that!) okay going now!! love ya!