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October 25 2005

last night i didnt make it to intercession but its okay!!! i was sitting in my nice warm bed listening to my IPOD and it was on random and every song that i listened to until i was about to fall asleep taught me something!!! which was amazing!!!

so today was very crazy!
i had a test today in math and of course i miss tha easiest question -10+3=13 true or false...and i put true!!! o well!!! mrs fisher is gonna think im mental!!
i tripped a total of 4 times on random places on campus!!! never tha same place!!! lol!!! jamie was rollin!!!

got JGROUP tonight not gonna be able to stay tha whole time b/c i have a test tomorrow and i havent even looked at tha review o well!!! i think ill do good!

well im stting here filling out my campus housing forms...yup thats right im living on campus...okay i know im crazy!!!! now i just have to find a roommate..im scared of just them choosing someone!!! ahhhh!!! i dunno!

well im off!
have a wonderful rest of tha week!!

Love Through Christ!

Joy Fanguy

October 25 2005
Rachel, meet your new roommate Joy. Hi Rachel, I'm Joy, your new roommate. Ok now that we have the formalities out of the way, move onto campus!!!


October 26 2005
Whoa! Campus housing? You're brave!