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October 23 2005

everything happens in Gods time.....
i have to keep telling myself that!!!

tonight i went and saw "The Fog" with adam, jenna, and jake!!! it was good! i jumped a couple times but i have to say it wasnt as scary as i thought it was gonna be!!!!

another week of school....BLAH!! but i have to say i only work 2 days!!! and then tha AO FALL RETREAT!!! im really excited!

well im out!

Love Through Christ!!!


October 23 2005
A little past your bedtime isn't it? ;)


October 23 2005
If I could read minds, even if I didn't like what I saw, at least I would know that it was the truth. I'm not the only guy with this idea. Ever see "What Women Want"?

Jamie Smith

October 23 2005
Haha Rach we should definantly become nuns!! Im through with guys right now all they do is break hearts!