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October 17 2005
God brings you through the worst times!!!
this past week has been tuff! this week is going to be better!!!
talked to an old friend last night! it was nice!!!
as much as i need to go to work i dont want to!!! lol!! im ready for tha time to change!!!
well all my UT buddies are back at school!!! i miss them already!!!
i have had a blast with Julie this weekend!! just like all tha old times!!! lol!!!
Ashley comes home this weekend! soo maybe ill get to see her!!!
i have a ton of school work to do and i really dont want to do it ya know!!!
well im off to get ready for work! bye!

Love Through Christ!
best friends always shine through....
jamie and me!!!
me and patrick!!

me and Julie!

me and Jenna!!!

Jamie Smith

October 17 2005
Yay!! I love my rach! I serisouly dont know what I would do without ya girl! I hope things get better and they will promise! haha just always remeber us goin through the hurricane at the begining of school trying to make it to the KUC and that should make you SMILE this ...........................................BIG hehehe! Love ya!