la la la la

May 03 2007
some times i feel like i am in a dream world and no one is real.... or that i am really in a coma and have no clue what is really going on.... i really love it when its warm outside because i like to roll down the windows and as i drive the different smells of the night bring back memories and feelings... i get excited about having a family one day... when i am alone at night i think about life..... i always wonder if other people think the way i do....but how would anyone know. . . i cant even remember how i preceive things most of the time...just go with the flow... IT IS GREAT!!! even though it makes time go by faster  .. it is definatly more enjoyable


April 17 2007
It is too cold outside ... I am ready for the summer to get here.... I dont know about you but I never complain about how hot it is but only how cold I am ... I thought the groundhog saw his shadow... or is it just me... I cant wait to go to the My chemical romance and the muse convcert later this month at the Gwinette Arena... and then the next day were going to six flags!


April 13 2007

I just recently realized how life really goes by like a hand out the window in the wind... no really and that realization though petty has been alot for my little mind to deal with .I dont know if  this thought brings as much dread to me as to others... but   although this and many other thoughts undiscussable now bother me... I am so happy... and satisfied with my life and time here... its beautiful and undescribable in this blog leaves me speechless...


April 12 2007

I dont really know how to start off my first blog and people probally wont read it but.... i will try it out ... noting interesting has been happing so far today but I know I just got back from savannah and tybee isle  and i loved it there(even though it was chilly) and I am haveing some withdrawls from it. I am definatly going back this summer... The atmosphere is great and the mossy trees hanging down over the busy with people roads is -------- i dont know the word.