June 25 2006

so my daddy went running at the VA last night.
he kinda brought home a present..
the dog followed him the entire time he was running and daddy said, "he just couldnt leave him there.." this is the SAME man that hasnt let us have a dog because we are gone all the time.
hes so ugly, hes cute.

i guess hes growing on me.
Lord help us all.


June 25 2006
awww.. i think it's cute kaitlin! don't you just love dogs!? lol

Garrett Haynes

June 25 2006
I love him! Well just to prove you wrong here's a short list (about 30%) of the things we are responsible for at work. We dont' just clean toilets u know, that's only a minor part of the job. We have to clean the entre preschool (vacuum, mop, sweep, get trash, clean all sinks, whipe down all tables, vacuum halls, clean all bathrooms). We have to clean all the restrooms in the church, we have to clean the entire sactuary (vacuum between every pew and everywhere where there's carpet, not to mention pulling all the bulletins that uncareing people like yourself leave behind on sunday morning), we have to buff the fellowship hall (which is like polishing the entire floor) and then set up the walls, and then set up tables and chairs and podiums in all the rooms, clean AO (vacuum, set up for sunday), ummm what else...oh yeah...vacuum the first floor halls, umm not to mention we do cleaning projects like vacuum out and dust the ceiling vents, oh yeah and we are also responsible for calling security services if the fire alarm or church alarm goes off (which we have to set), and we have to shut that down too, and also if the sprinkler system were to go off, we would have to run around to 3 different zones in the church to shut them off in a very complicated specific order. Basically, we take care of the entire church. Just because we have fun on the job doesn't mean we goof off all day. We get the job done. Maybe you should be more appreciative of what we do kaitlin gay!!!! I love you but don't ever tell me that we dont' get anything done b/c that is a boldface <b>LIE.</b>Ok well that is just a small portion of the job. Well i love u and have a great day!!! Sorry the comment was so long, but it was necessary.

Kelly Hamby

June 27 2006
ahh... how cute...