i miss =(

August 29 2006



its hard to have someone always there for you && all of a sudden not there anymoreee.


June 13 2006

got my hair cut AGAIN...hm i think i have a problem where i always have to have change...so i found out that My Cousin && her husband got sick after their honeymoon...tht sucks...but yea um im not sure wht dress im wearing to Kaylas Party...i have two to choose from because i dont feel like going out && buying a new one lol...but yea um i hate my hair cut...yuck the bangs are too short && i just dont like it...but yea this past weekend i went with Ashie to the mall && i got some clips, a headband, && some beads theyre cute...dont have much else to say...im just happy that its the damn summer && NO fucking drama whoot whoot<3


June 09 2006
im bored.


June 06 2006

Havent done this in awhile AGAIN...but yea um noone reads mine so it doesnt really matter im just spilling a bunch of shit for noone to read but w/e....this past weekend i saw The Breakup pretty fucking funny if you ask me....i went with Amber && Samera...Sameras going to a different school next year...im really going to miss her like WOAH alot. But yea um im getting my hair dyed soon HOPEFULLY haha...dang i feel soo friggin left out...everyone i know has a BOYFRIEND do i? NO. oh well haha im not desperate i swear.  I really want a Monroe...but it scarrs && i dont want a scarr on my face =[[ This weekend were going to see The Omen i saw previews for it freaked me out...Kaylas party is coming up for her BIRTHDAYYYY<3 && i think im going to make my dress...think it would be pretty cool...GAWH...i really miss alot of my friends already...KAYLA if you read this we're hanging out soon k? lol. but yea um here are some pics from the other night <3


May 12 2006

wow havent done this in awhile//my day was okay more boring than anything

songs &hearts;

March 31 2006
hm. do you know any good songs that i could download?? i would love you foreverr x3 


March 29 2006

im getting comcast internet today yay.

&& i have new pics.

comments would be nice =]

most of my weekend &hearts;

March 11 2006

[WOW] this weekend has been pretty fun...Friday i went to Ambers && we went to this concert where my friends band was playing Sound Presidential...they're really good...but yea that was fun && today we went on a picnic && had a child named [Henry] he's a worm...&& he needs to get laid hella bad &hearts;

The Best Poem [ever] &hearts;

March 09 2006
My New Best Friend

Today I met a great new friend
Who knew me right away
It was funny how she understood
All I had to say

She listened to my problems
She listened to my dreams
We talked about love && life
She'd been there, too, it seems

I enver once felt judged by her
She knew just how I felt
She seemed to just accept me
And all the problems I'd been dealt

She didn't interrupt me
Or need to have her say
She just listened very patiently
And didn't go away

I wanted her to understand
How much this meant to me
But as I went to hug her
Something startled me

I put my arms in front of me
And went to pull her nearer
And realized that my new best friend
Was nothing but a mirror

++ Annonymous =]

Today was [super] boring...

March 07 2006

so this morning i found out my mom was going to let me dye my hair black /w pink tips...but not until after my cousins wedding...but i can't wait....it's going to look [awesome]


March 06 2006
Friends on this thing would be nice? <33

im new at this

March 06 2006

heyy.. my name is Lauren && im new at this phusebox thingy so if you would be so kind as to explain it to me i will be soo happy