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Siegel High


September 19 2006

my life in song

September 11 2006
welcome to the fallout
welcome to resistance
the tension is here, the tension is here
between who you are and who you could be
between how it is and how it should be...

this sucks

September 01 2006
really freakin hard

quote of the night

July 21 2006
 - alright, i got to get rid of all this stuff.
 - what stuff?
 - all of this crap in my pants.
[me, aaron, me; after leaving Steak and Shake]

peace of mind

July 17 2006

the movie can be found .

once again, courtesy to the swb crew.



July 15 2006
it brings hurt to
my life to see so much
pain in this world
so i'll sit here
thinking of all i can do
to get through this dream
i close my eyes today

heavy thoughts seem to slip away
when You are here on my darkest days
i trust in You
many debts i cannot repay
too many clouds in my sky today
i trust in You

this is for the broken hearted
this is for the pain that's started
i know with the waters parted
you'll see we will be
at peace

so think clear
remember all that has
brought us here to stay
and don't fear
the face of change it will heal
and help deal with the pain
i open my eyes today

when i reach out for a hand to
guide me through the storm
pull me through the norm
i reach for You

we are born innocent
we are born innocent


July 12 2006




do you hear it?

do you hear that sound?

that's the sound of my IQ

crashing, spiralling to the ground


July 06 2006

Mrs. Janna Lee Cowan, mother of one of my closest friends and second mother to me, has died of cancer as of tuesday afternoon.

if any of you know David or the rest of his family, keep them in your prayers.

and so God guides another daughter home.

a video

June 23 2006

because kelsey's making me

June 19 2006
update begins now

i'm working.
e.i. cameron has no life.
or free time.

but it's fun. if anyone didn't know, i'm working at the Boy's and Girl's Club right now, so if you're ever free, drop on by. i work from about 9 to 4:30, but i'm not guaranteed to be there on either tuesday or thursday afternoons.

on a slightly unrelated note, i somehow managed to watch six movies this weekend. four were in theater, two on dvd. is that insane or what? it was a heck of a lot of fun though.

well, i'm out.

[forgotten memory]

June 01 2006
whisper in the yard and turn the trees all into toys
lay there on the ground and turn the dirt into your joy
from what i see and what i know it's all been boring lately
so i suggest we trade a question mark in for a maybe
time your riddles right and make a point that has no sense
make sure that you're smiling and the money's been well spent
innocence and ignorance it all goes hand in hand
i'm not sure that i'm right but i hope you'll understand
i hope that you're still waiting for the start that has no end
and all the plastic people have now become your friends
before you start to drift and your soul begins to scream
i just wanted to tell you that you're living in a dream

X - 3

May 26 2006

yeah i saw it

midnight showing

in the ginourmous franklin theater

with 1500 others

it was pretty freakin good.

[can anyone say 'sequel?']

times are changing

May 18 2006
so this chapter might be over,
but the story's just beginning.

so gather up your jackets, move it to the exits
i hope you have found a friend
closing time
every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end
 - semisonic

father and son

May 10 2006
when i was your age i was just like you
and just look at me now; i'm sure you do
but your grandfather was just as bad
and you should have heard him trash his dad
life's no picnic, that's a given
my mom's mom died when my mom was seven
my mom's father was a tragic guy
but he was so distant that no one knows why
now, your mother's family, you know them
each and every one a gem
each and every one a gem

when i was your age i was a mess
on a bad day i still am, i guess
i think i know what you're going through
everything changes but nothing is new
and i know i'm miserable, can't you see?
i just want you to be just like me
boys grow up to be grown men
and then men change back into boys again
you're starting up and i'm winding down
ain't it big enough for us both in this town?
say it's big enough for us both in this town

when i was your age i thought i hated my dad
and that the feeling was a mutual one that we had
we fought each other day and night
i was always wrong; he was always right
but he had the power and he needed to win
his life half over, mine about to begin
i'm not sure about all this Oedipal stuff
but when we were together it was always rough
hate is a strong word; i want to back-track
the bigger the front, then the bigger the back
the bigger the front, then the bigger the back

now you and me are me and you
and it's a different ball-game though not brand-new
i don't know what all this fighting is for
but we're having us a teenage/middle-age war
i don't want to die and you want to live
it's a little bit of take and a whole lot of give
it never really ends though each race is run
this thing between a father and a son
maybe it's power and push and shove
maybe it's hate but probably it's love
maybe it's hate but probably it's love

another ambiguous blog title...

May 08 2006
so jazz fest was, in a word, amazing.
i had sooo much fun.
too bad it's already over...

so i think i'm going to West Side Story tonight.
anyone want to come with?
actually, i know i'm going, i just don't want to go alone.
because going alone sucks
and is nothing but a testament to my uncoolness.
but i'll probably end up going alone anyways...
oh well

[T minus 361 days and counting]

holy crap. . .

May 04 2006

jazz fest is in ONE FREAKING DAY!!!

i'm so excited.

oh, by the way, alfred hitchcock is amazing.
who else could film an entire movie in one single take?

so yeah. . .

May 01 2006
prom was fun. . .
i'm reeeeally tired. . .

so, then

April 24 2006
it's about time for my jazz binge, since two of the most glorious days of the year are fast approaching . . .

so i've decided that i listen to way too much music. it can't be healthy, but i love it. especially cause i've gotten around 5 new cds in the past couple of weeks [mass rejoicing].

the lovely list of groups/artists on the left are all people that i've listened to in the past couple of weeks. 43 of them. i could seriously list about twice  as many, and there's still more that i want . . .

isn't that so pathetic?


April 21 2006
amnesia hits like a ton of bricks.
coincidently, so do term papers.