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December 13 2005

new pictures, new energy

December 13 2005
so we took these pictures for wills website and press kit-n-such the otherday and for the first time in a long time it actually feels like we are doing something. it doesnt seem so teidious anymore. kinda strange how that works

LA, Cal-i-for-ni-a

November 10 2005
So, i dust got done driving to calfornia, but not just any thing, a 40 foot long racecar hauler, so yeah, it was stressful... very stressful. but we are here now and we race on sat night. its on speedvision. autozone elite division all star showdown. check it out! and oh yeah, go 98!


September 29 2005
well i know nathan might get mad at this but... oh well... he let me test out the new greenbox and WOW!!! it rocks my friggin world! no seriously, this thing puts the ping in my pong! everything looks great from the colors to the icons. wow. i cant even begin to describe the awesomeness that will be unleashed! get your friends here now!

hello world!

September 21 2005
well hello all! i;m gonna try and do this thing a lil!