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March 09 2006
What are your Dreams?

elizabeth duncan

March 09 2006
I want to change the world. I want to make an impact. I want to tell people about Jesus - not just that dude who died and then came back to life 2000 years ago, but that incredible person whom, upon REALLY knowing Him, offers true inexplicable freedom. I want my life story to cause salvation to spring up from the ground! I want to explore every continent. I want to watch Africans play drums and dance uninhibited. I want to sit at a cafe in Venice and have a great conversation. I want to go to Shanghai again. I want to go to Spain and Paris and London and Ireland. I want to do something in the fashion world that involves fashion and faith - because I believe they're intertwined. Somewhere along the way I want to get married and have children - but not right now. I want my husband to love adventure as much as I do and join me. I want him to be passionate about the same things and desire them too....I want our marriage to be such that we are bringing more glory together than we ever could seperately! and that's enough for now...I'm sure there are more.


March 09 2006
how do I follow that? my dreams include traveling to far off places too. I want to have more children and show them the world. I want the financial freedom to travel all over the world as a family and not worry about money. I want a big house full of Pottery Barn furniture. I want to raise strong Christian people that have no doubts about their faith. I want to have no doubts about my faith. I want to write beautiful inspiring books that people can't wait to read to their children. I want Adam to be the strong Christian leader of our family. I want to be happy and live a long healthy enriched life. I love you guys :)

Bethany Bratcher

March 10 2006
My dreams include finishing my dern Masters degree...sometime this decade!, getting married and having a wonderful marriage that we both fight for each day because we both are fully aware that good marriages don't just happen, paying off all of our student loans so we are financially free, then following God wherever He leads us. I want Him to be able to use our hands to do His work. I want to love the unlovable, I want to be used by Christ to bring people to His kingdom, I want to help those who are at the end of their rope and need hope-haha that rhymes. I would love to travel to far off places and do great things. I want the people who matter in my life to know that I love them. Most of all, I want my life to matter, if not to anyone on this earth, than to Christ alone. When I get to heaven I want Jesus to say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."