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do not read this if you're gonna get affended

February 13 2006

Okay, so apparently I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning because i visited all of my friends phuseboxes and all I could think was negative things.  Like how is it possibly realistic or even okay for someone to just call on God when they hit a road bump but he's not already an obvious part of their life otherwise they would have known to just pray instead of asking someone else.  Why do people expect God to just run to their rescue everytime things don't go their way.  Not that he won't,  but I think it's sad that people have come to expect it.  another thing is that I don't know how much I believe in the whole Bono anti-poverty thing.  It makes me think of the cigarette commercial where the company spends like a million dollars doing something good and like 20 million talking about it.  I mean honestly nothing against Bono  because I'm not sure I even know who that is but do we really believe he's out to save the world or maybe he just wants to boost sales?  I guess it doesn't matter to me, I surely am not doing anything in Africa and I am definately not sending them any money.  Somebody needs to send me some money.  And there's nothing wrong with praying I guess even if it's only when you need something.  But if I had a friend that only called me when they needed help,  I probably would stop answering the phone.  Guess that's why I'm not God!


February 13 2006
I am glad I am not God

Melissa Wallace Goetz

February 14 2006
So true! Bono is the lead singer of U2 and he's a big activist, but also a pretensious asshole who thinks he's high and mighty - or at least that's what I think of him. I do, however, admire him for being a big famous rock star and actually doing something useful with his fortune. He does give lots of money to people who need basic things and he uses his position of celebrity to make the conditions of the 3rd world known to the general public. I think I would prefer that he not be so snotty about it though.

Bethany Bratcher

February 15 2006

elizabeth duncan

February 16 2006
i know we already talked about this...but just for the record...I pretty much love Bono. However, he's very political, and I don't always agree with his politics. But I love you more. See you soon!