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Oakland High


February 01 2006

I have sooooo much on my mind that I can't unjumble the thoughts and place them on this page.......February is such a hard month this year..... (I like dot, dot, dots) ......................

Matt B's B-day,  Honey's B-day, V-day,  Mel's shower, Mel's PARTY!,   2 big doctor apps. in Nashville, I had to buy a new vacuum cleaner,$$$$$,   and  the list goes on....... 

I am very excited don't get me wrong but I must admit, I am slightly overwhelmed!!!!  I guess it just means I have a lot to look foward to this month right?

elizabeth duncan

February 01 2006
what is it about february? Thursday I leave for the Student Life Conference in Hendersonville and come back Sunday afternoon. Then I have a meeting that night (supposedly) with my China team. Then a whole nother week of school. Then Melissa's shower on Sat and another on Sunday. Then a whole nother week of school. Then to Johnson City for the weekend. Then a whole nother week of school. Then ONE Weekend at Belle Aire (which is the same weekend as Mel's Bach. party, I think...must figure out something....) Whew. lots going on.

Bethany Bratcher

February 01 2006
Lots to do...who is Matt B.? I think it might be Jonah's bio. but not sure if his last name begins with a "b"... love you


February 02 2006
you sound like you need a drink!

Melissa Wallace Goetz

February 03 2006
I love you! If there's anything you need me to do - just let me know. My life isn't nearly as full as yours right now. I have a lot on my mind, but not as much actual stuff to do. I feel like I can't get organized enough. Oh well! You know I will do ANYTHING that I can to help. Hang in there Babe! Remember, February is a really short month and it will all be over soon. :-)