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Oakland High


January 25 2006
fuckin' retarded machine.  now i'm super pissed and i don't want to write anything......../......,mhjb vghd cxbyufgahh9p

elizabeth duncan

January 26 2006
aww write something!


January 26 2006
did you write a bunch of stuff and then lose it? If it is....I have done that before! We want to hear from you! Oh and Hi there!

Melissa Wallace Goetz

January 27 2006
I just laughed really loud at work because of this - not really supposed to be on the computer doing non-work related shit. You are soooo funny! I don't think I've "heard" you say the "F" word in a long time - you must have been really pissed! Which makes it just that much more amusing!!! Thanks for the laugh.

Bethany Bratcher

January 27 2006
poor Sara...your computer must be out to get you!